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Selling Your Home - Proper Marketing is the Key

Home for sale in Plymouth Massachusetts

It All Starts on the Web

Virtually 100% of home searches start on the web - and that's where our expertise shines through!  Your home will be visible to millions of potential buyers, including those on Zillow,,, Trulia,, and even international property search sites.

When you put me on your team, you're getting my full-time attention and expertise.  If someone is looking for a home, they'll see yours!

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A Photo is Worth a LOT More Than a Thousand Words!

Lucky you!  In addition to substantial real estate chops, I'm also a multiple award-winning professional photographer, photography instructor, multiple podcast guest, photography judge and convention lecturer.  

I normally bring several thousand dollars in camera gear (not just an iPhone!) and over 40 years of experience to create a gallery of beautiful photos to show off your home - because that's what it takes to do the job right.

But it's about more than just exposure, lighting and composition.  It's about setting the stage and then telling the unique story of your home.

We start with the "establishment shots" to tell the viewer about how the home appears as you approach it - an overview if you will.  We'll detail interesting external features and landscaping to give the viewer a better visual understanding and prepare them to come inside.

Then we progress in a logical sequence - living room, dining room, kitchen, beds, baths and finally, the basement. 

We tell the same visual story that a visitor would see when walking through on their own, in roughly the same order that visitors tend to view a home.

In other words, that visual story we tell invites the viewer to come for a visit of their own.

Strategy Matters

Anybody can execute the classic 3-step marketing plan.  (MLS, Yard Sign, Pray).

But there's a lot more to it.  Listing on the correct day of the week.  Writing a description that blends perfectly with the photos that viewers just saw.  Restricting showings until the correct time.

Setting the price correctly is critical too.  Set it too high and it will eventually sell for less.  Set it too low and you'll leave money on the table.  But set it just right and we'll optimize out chances of stoking a bidding war!

Open House Events - for Brokers too!

Not only will we run an aggressive open house schedule as part of our marketing plan, but we'll publicize and run a special open house for local brokers.

More exposure is better exposure!

Managing Offers - and Vetting Lenders

This is a critical step in the process.  Believe it or not, there are still lenders who issue worthless pre-approvals.  

Some lenders, including websites that are heavily advertised on TV allow users to print off their own pre-approval letters before they have submitted critical documents, like pay stubs, bank statements, W-2s and tax returns.   

One TV ad campaign currently running claims "we can pre-approve you in as little as 8 minutes".  I promise you that they absolutely cannot give you a valid pre-approval until those supporting documents are reviewed.

That means that no matter what their offer says, we have no idea if they can buy your home or not.  I won't let you get fooled by these lazy lenders.

I know who to contact and what questions to ask them to get to the truth.  When I vet the lender, I'll make sure that they have done their homework before handing out a pre-approval letter.

Negotiation on Offense Instead of Defense

I'll prevent buyers from playing the "offer over asking price, then hammer the price back down with the home inspection" game.  It's a dishonest strategy that I've seen too often.

I know how to respond to these offers with terms that will smoke dishonest people out, and I know how to evaluate their loan package so I know they can't play the other favorite game  - "it didn't appraise high enough - we need a price reduction to move forward" 

I'll use my training in negotiating to get us to a great offer.

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